About Jonathan Tasler

Finding a scene that looks terrific.  And then making that scene look as awesome as it appears in my mind.  That's what I do in a nutshell.

So how did I get here?  I'll admit that I didn't give two thoughts about photography all through my formative years up until 2014.  At about that time, I decided I wanted more than iPhone photographs.  I wanted to create images that one might see in a magazine.  I wanted beautiful.  I wanted stunning.  

So I bought some gear (I'm a Nikon shooter but believe any number of cameras will do a great job.)  and I quickly realized I had no idea what I was doing.  But I still had the desire and a willingness to learn.  So I did all I could do:  I watched Youtube videos.  Lots and lots of Youtube videos.  Literally hundreds or thousands of them.  And I practiced.  And I practiced.  And I practiced.  

My efforts have been rewarded to some degree.  My first hint that I may have a few fans outside my immediate family was winning the Parkville, MO Facebook photography contest.  That photo is pictured to the right (English Landing Park).   Since that time, I have won separate awards at the Northland Photography Club for monthly contests and have also been juried in as a Photographer at the Northland Exposure Artists' Gallery in Parkville, MO.  

In order to bring something different to my photos, I like to expand the capabilities of the camera.  Oftentimes, this will mean using Focus Stacking (taking several photos at different focus points to get a whole scene in focus).  Or I might use exposure blending to capture details in very bright sky while also getting details in shadows.  In other cases, I might use multiple shots for a panorama.  

Aside from the technology behind the shot, I generally choose lighting which is ideal for the scene.  Unfortunately for my sleep schedule, this may mean waking up at 4am to drive to a location before sunrise.  Or it could mean staying up until 2am to shoot the Milky Way.   (See early rise JC Nichols Fountain and late night Barn Gazing under Milky Way to right for example).

Some of My Photos

  • English Landing Path

    English Landing Path

    Sunrise in Parkville, MO lights up the trees, benches, and the freshly fallen leaves.

  • JC Nichols Fountain - Color

    JC Nichols Fountain - Color

    JC Nichols Memorial Fountain in Kansas City. Photo taken before sunrise at the blue hour.

  • Kansas Barn Gazing - Side

    Kansas Barn Gazing - Side

    Barn under the Milky Way in rural Kansas.

Kansas Barn Gazing - Side